Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

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Happy Friday

Instagram is a fun and vibrant social media platform where
you meet all kinds of people. I got a direct message recently which led to this
post today. A young girl sent me a direct message stating that she wants to
become a fashion/style blogger but doesn’t feel beautiful enough to take that
step and needed my advice. It saddens me that she could come to this conclusion
and I can’t help but ponder on what made her think this way. On a daily basis the
media/magazines continuously shows us images of what’s beautiful/ perfect. This
can slowly make us to question our own beauty. If one were to google what beauty
looks like or what a perfect face looks like, and you will see all kinds of
pictures of Kim Kardashian and the others. Most of these images are edited!

Who decides what’s beautiful and why does it have authority
over our own concept of beautiful?

Be your own kind of beautiful, love the skin you are in. Beauty
comes in all shapes and sizes and don’t let anyone define what is beautiful. Positive
affirmations may sound silly, but is a great way build up self- esteem. Be
Your Own Kind of Beautiful! Embrace that you are different, and own your body.
Raising one’s self-esteem takes changes in behavior, these changes will need time and practice .You only have one life to live, why would you want to live it feeling
less beautiful/not good enough?

Trust me when I tell you I have been down that road, but that’s
a thing of the past as I now know better.

What is your definition of beauty? Lets hear



Outfit Deatails: 
Top: Dynamite
Skirt: Thrifted
Bag: (Old) Sears
Shoes: Callit Spring


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