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Two Ways To Restyle A Braidsmaid Dress

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Happy Hump day!

For the month of June, Weddington Way is asking fashion experts to pick and restyle one of their chiffon bridesmaid dresses in to a fun summer date outfit.

I’m happy to join this fun challenge and couldn’t wait to get started. I know that feeling when you have a dress just hanging in your closet and taking up precious space without using it!

Well I took up this challenge not knowing if I will be able to pull it off but right in the middle of it, I realised there are many ways you can restyle a bridesmaid dress.

A long dress like this one can be shorten or altered to fit your taste but that’s if you have the extra cash to spend.

Below are two practical ways to wear this weddingtonway dress using items in your closet. I just gave this weddingtonway bridesmaid dress a revitalizing makeover ha ha.

For a romantic date outfit, a floor-length gown in a pastel hue may seem boring. To spice up this look, add a floral clutch and fedora hat to give some attitude and personality.

For a night out with friends, dress down your bridesmaid dress by adding a white denim jacket. Nothing plays down the dressiness of a dress like a denim jacket. Complete the look with a polka dot sunglasses for flair.

Which look will you rock? Lets hear!


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