Pink Fiery Nail Art

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Hey lovelies,

Hope your week has been great so far. Another first time diy on the blog today.

I’m very happy with the results as I initially wanted to do a pink and black polka dots, not all mistakes are bad!!.

I used Avon speed dry nail polish and true to it words it took less than 5 mins to dry.

Hope you like this DIY.

Start off with a base coat, I used sally Hansen double duty top and base coat.
I then applied Avon’s speed dry nail enamel in pink and wait for it to dry completely.
Using milani nail art precision brush, I drew tiny straight lines at the end of my fingernails to give that fiery look!!!
Ta-da! As you can see its not perfect, the tiny lines are not the same length or size but that’s what I think makes it interesting.


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