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Hey lovelies
Happy new year, hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are
looking forward to making 2016 a great and amazing year. The new year is here, and what better way to start it off
than with a bright smile, one of the best accessories a person can have. I have always wanted to whiten my teeth but couldn’t afford
the cost. It costs approximately $500+ at the dentist. I tried diy whitening at
home which wasn’t effective. I was so delighted when SmileBrilliant contacted
me to do a review for their professional teeth whitening product. I
naturally have brown teeth, drinking coffee didn’t help the situation (I’m a
green tea drinker now … wink).

I was really excited to try this product because I have never
used a whitening kit until now.
The Smile Brilliant Product:


The Smile Brilliant package comes in a nice box containing
the tray creation kit which includes: 
  1. Catalyst pastes, 
  2. Base pastes,
  3.  Impression
  4. Syringes of desensitizing gel, 
  5.  Syringes of whitening gel
  6. Instruction guides on how to create the trays, desensitizing
    gel usage, whitening gel usage
  7. Return card and postage envelope


The impressions:
This teeth whitening system is a two-step process. The first
step is to create impressions of your upper and lower teeth in the impression trays using the
catalyst and base. Before you begin this process, make sure you read the
instruction carefully as it gives a specific time to create the
impressions. Work only with one paste at a time, time and accuracy is
important. Also make sure your teeth are clean by brushing and flossing, it
will make the best impression of your whitening trays. The next step is
shipping the custom trays in an envelope provided by Smile Brilliant.
Costumed teeth trays
The teeth whitening process.
The whitening kit comes with tubes of desensitizing gel and
whitening gel. If you have sensitive teeth, the desensitizing gel can help
prevent the sensitivity associated with the whitening treatment. Again brush
and floss before the whitening process. It is advised to leave the whitening
tray on the teeth for a period of 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on your tolerance.
I kept mine for 30 minutes and didn’t do the whitening process everyday as I
wanted to give my teeth a break. Also a little goes a long way. I learned this
the hard way when I put more than I should and I had a sore gum 10 minutes later. I had to wait
for my gums to heal before I continued the process. After the whitening
process, make sure to use the desensitizing gel which will re-hydrate your
teeth. I did this process for over a month inconsistently because I really wanted whiter teeth and i’m happy with the results.
I’m very pleased with this product, the whitening
process is so easy with great results. With an excellent customer service and
reasonable price, I will gladly recommend Smile Brilliant to anyone who wants
whiten their teeth.
Find more information about this kit Here. A fun video to watch Here
*product was sent for review, all opinion are my own*


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