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Happy Friday!
I love my phone and take it everywhere I go … who doesn’t right? I can be clumsy with it sometimes which explains why I have had gone through numerous phones and cases. My previous phone case is a normal/boring case I got at a flea market and was happy with it until caseapp contacted me to review one of their cases!

Caseapp is a pretty neat website where you can personalized your phone case, laptop or ipad either by uploading a photo or by using one of their designs. The finished product can either be glossy or matte. Mine is matte and I love the feel of it. 


Being a new mom it was a no brainer that I would design one of my phone cases with a picture of my daughter! I design two phones cases because I love to switch things up and have one as a back up. These are my designs and I’m proud of it! My daughter couldn’t keep her hands off it when she saw the  phone case with her photo. I guess that’s a good sign. Shipping was super fast. I received my cases a little over a week and I absolutely love it.

Price: For $34 fee you can customize your phone case and make it unique. It is also a perfect gift for the holidays
  • Pros: Slim fit. Adds little to no weight to phone.
  • Customization  of your case with a photo or their designs
  • Option of matte or glossy finish
  • Cons: Non


*I was gifted this phone case for review, all opinions are my own*


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