How to Apply Airbrush Makeup for a Superb Natural Finish

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Airbrush makeup has grown to be increasingly popular over the last few years. Places like have a super range with an airbrush kit to suit all budgets and levels of expertise. Airbrushing is incredibly easy and even an amateur enthusiast can perfect a flawless finish with just a little practice. Here are a few guidelines to help you on your way: 

 If you practice your airbrush techniques using water first you will get the hang of it without wasting any makeup or making a mess. The final results will depend on how close you hold the brush to your skin which can make everything natural and smooth. 

 Before you apply any type of makeup: – 
• Cleanse your face first – it is really an important step.  It can just look caked on. Your face must be completely clean and totally free of dirt prior to starting applying your airbrush makeup. 
 • Find a very good primer – this is imperative when using airbrush makeup. It not only helps you to achieve a great finish but ensures that your makeup last through out the day and into the night . 
 • Use a circular spraying motion and take care not to over spray your face. If you over spray your makeup will be caked and unnatural rather than natural, flawless finish that you want to achieve. Less is far more!
 • Don’t forget about your neck – make sure that you incorporate your neck in your airbrushing and blend your makeup to prevent any unsightly lines. This can sound obvious but it’s surprising how many girls get this elementary mistake. Remember your neck and blend it all in smoothly for the perfect finish. 
 • Do not end the airbrush motion over the skin. When you finish airbrushing it can release a splurge which could end up with a patch instead of a beautiful smooth face. Remember to use small, smooth circular motions which will make sure that your makeup is evenly applied.
 • Don’t forget to clean up your airbrush makeup kit thoroughly after you have used it to prevent the makeup from drying out and clogging the end of the nozzle.  Make a habit of cleaning it so that your airbrush makeup kit will always be ready and clean for you to use again. 

And that’s about it really. Anybody (yes, even you) can achieve professional results with just a little practice and a few useful tips. Remember that practice makes perfect.


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